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01 October 2008 @ 01:08 pm
 I am SO glad I found this community!

Okay, so my best friend's birthday is in a little less than a month (October 29th, if you need to know). We've never given each other generic gifts that we just found in a store...we've always been creative about it. 

Last year, I asked EVERY friend that we shared to tell me why they loved her. And I took every answer, wrote them individually on scraps of paper and put them in a 'Love' jar. I actually had so many answers that I had to get another jar...

I kind of want to out-do that idea. I REALLY loved that idea but it's not as if I can repeat it. Also, this year is our first year in college (DIFFERENT colleges) and I want her to know that she's still my best friend and nothing will change that.

...any suggestions? I've done the jar, I crocheted her a scarf, I made her a poster with our top ten inside jokes on it, and (I'm a poet) I wrote her a poem and put it on a huge poster with a big picture of us on it.

Current Mood: hopeful
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