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21 February 2009 @ 12:38 am
A question!  
Hey! I just wanted to ask what you guys thought for a cool gift idea!

This guy, who I absolutely adore, is leaving in less than a month to travail the world. And I wanted to find a really cool gift for him. I want something practical so that it isn't completely useless to carry but something also sentimental so that he thinks of me. It needs to be light since he'll be going everywhere with it.

I've thought about a compass, which is pretty cool. And I found these cool sundial necklaces/key chains which tell time - I'm leaning towards the sundial necklace actually because I don't think he'll be carrying keys.

Do you guys have any ideas? He's starting Montreal and then going to India so I already ruled out beautiful scarfs and gloves.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
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Tam: Miss Piggyquiregrrl on February 21st, 2009 11:29 am (UTC)
Not sure this qualifies as sentimental... but many years ago a good friend/ex boyfriend of mine headed off for a couple of months backpacking around Europe, and for him I put together a travel emergency kit - I bought a mens toiletry bag/dop kit, and in it I put:
Half a dozen different size safety pins joined together
A spool of thread with a needle stuck in it
A couple of different size buttons
Ear plugs (for sleeping on long flights/in youth hostels)
Jelly Beans
A pen and small notepad
Half a pack of Alka-seltzers
A pocket-pack of tissues
A mini pack of moist towelette/antibacterial handwipes

I also bought him a multi-language European phrasebook... he loved both the gifts, and said that the travel kit came in handy (he used everything but the buttons) and he wouldn't have thought to take that stuff...